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1. Wash colours separately.
2. Add a small amount of detergent into luke warm water. Give it a quick stir so it mixes with the water.
3. Dip the kameez in the water long enough to be thoroughly wet with the soapy water. Do NOT leave it to sit.
4. Rinse the kameez gently with cool water.
5. Squeeze all the water out of the kameez. Stretch the kameez out so it's not scrunched up.
6. Let it dry naturally. Follow the same steps for duppatta and trousers. 
Some of our suits have fabric chalk marks on them which is washable. White suits are extremely difficult to keep white. 
Please wash your suit and remove the chalk marks before wearing them. We advise you to wash your suits like this so you get more wear out of your outfits. 

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